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Pink Meltdown :iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 3 0
Rusty the Quilava (updated) :iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 2 2
Birthday Gift: Hot Surprise
Rusty opened the door to his house hastily; a natural reaction after someone consistently bangs on the door for your attention. He stared at the walkway, only to see nothing, nothing but a nicely wrapped birthday present. He picked up the strange box and read the card attached.
"Rusty," he began reading "I heard it was your birthday and decided to get you a little something for the occasion. Fly on the wings of silver, Spencer Provenzano," Rusty removed the card and opened the box, revealing a bottle of clear liquid. Rusty looked at the bottle before walking back inside. He looked at the bottle not amused.
"Real original Spence," Rusty mused, swirling the liquid in the bottle "It's my birthday; you give me something that turns me into something else because I like transformations. That has to be the most-" Rusty couldn't get the cork off of the bottle any faster; as cliché as it was, he still wanted it. He downed the liquids in seconds and could already feel the changes commence.
"Oh b
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 3 9
Mature content
Storms of Fate - Misty Mermaid TF Story :iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 30 3
Pokemon Kingdom, Snorlax and Gallade TF
Michael was enjooying a nice, relaxing time in the local forest. The bright hot sun was beating down on him, as it was a scorching summer day in August. Luckily though, the shades of the many trees around him helped kept him cool. He sported short black hair, smooth black eyes and vibrant blue clothing. He preferred sandals over sneakers since it was summertime. He loved to play with the forest pokemon, they were so nice to him and friendly.
except for a certain trio, three mischievous little Pokémon that are always known for pulling pranks. A sneasel, a houndour, and a Stunky. They were huddled over beside a bush, a few yards away from the oblivious human boy. As they conversed with each other, they determined it would be fun to pull a prank on the poor kid.
Michael was making a makeshift crown for Girafarig, "so you want flowers Girafarig?" he asked her. The girrafe-like pokemon nodded its head as if to say "yes".
Michael added some flowers to the crown, then he put it on her he
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 18 20
Crystal Lake Never Dies - Mudkip TF
Crystal Lake Never Dies, Mudkip TF
Kyle was curious as to why some of his friends were going missing, especially since he received a mysterious letter from a blue umbreon of all things, so he set out on a mission to find them. His only guess would be that they are lost somewhere in the Crystal Lake, so he decided to start searching there first.
"Follow these direction and come to Crystal Lake"
Kyle shrugged as he tucked away the letter into his pocket and hopped onto his bike. He pedaled away towards the Crystal Lake based off the directions he was given. He was soon there after 10 minutes, ditching his bike as he approached the area. " what could possibly be here."
"Hello Human" a Voice said
"Who said that?" Kyle shouted looking around
He sees Three Vaporeon behind him. "What? oh cool, a group of vaporeons. Hello there critters, have you seen my lost friends?" kyle asked
"no we haven't any humans other then you." the oldest Vaporeon said
"...uhm...there's no just ta
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 12 8
Aura Hypnosis - Lucario TF
Rusty II was a Coloseum Leader at PokeTopia, like his dad was. He's usually quiet, not very social, but he's a formidable opponent. However, his only friend is the Lucario who was his partner.
Rusty and his fellow lucario companion recently lost a close battle against the gym leader of Hearthome City, Fatina. Depressed about his recent loss, Rusty lost self confidence in himself, and walked back to the pokemon center in shame, feeling as if he let down his only friend, lucario.
"you ok partner?" Rusty asked.
"I'm fine, I am worried about you though. Don't let this loss upset you, Rusty." the lucario responded, holding his left arm in pain as one of the Nurse Joys injected him with some medicine to heal him with.
Rusty was always able to understand Pokemon. "all the pressure of being SunSet Coliseum Leader, i... i need a vacation."
This gave Lucario a idea, if this worked, Rusty could have his Vaction, and Lucario can help him grow so he comes back ready for being the SunSet Coliseum Le
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 33 5
One Fateful Day - Quilava TF
Not many humans were brave enough to venture into the dark and spooky woods of Everlurk Forest. It was a uninhibited area, only wild pokemon dared to live there. No human would survive in the forest for long, and the densely packed trees only made traveling through the forest impossible. But yet it was a protected forest, the mythical legendaries roaming the skies always made sure no tresspassers harmed Everlurk. Celebi and Mew both worked together to keep a watch out, since forests are often cut down to make space for humans to live.
This brings us to one particular boy, Keith. He was a quiet one, never much for socializing with school friends. But he did have an adoration for animals and wildlife. Subsequently, he adored pokemon, especially fire types. It was on one fateful autmn day that his life would forever change, whether he wanted it to or not. As he stepped off the schoolbus, he couldn't help but notice a random note attached to the mailbox in front of his house. His paren
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 35 17
Deviant Censored by SOPA :iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 8 0
Zoroark and zorua tf
It was a brisk fall afternoon. Two friends were huddled up close to their tv, playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was just another weekend spent well for them.
Damon yawned and threw his controller lazily onto the carpet. "Meh, I'm bored of this game. Hey Rusty, do you want to play something else?" He asked. "Sure, but do you mean something else on the PS3?" Rusty replied. "No, I've played enough PS3 and Xbox360 games to last me a lifetime." Damon said.
Rusty got up and fiddled threw his pile of games and papers on his desk. "Let's see....oh hey! I found my Pokemon White! You still have your Black, right?" Rusty asked.
"Sure do." Damon reached into his pocket and pulled out his Black and his DS. "Let's wifi battle!"
Countless hours passed, they two friends enjoying the competition of wifi battling. After about 6 or 7 well fought battles, Damon had won the majority, and Rusty got bored of losing. "Well, I need to practice some more..." Rusty said. "Yeah, but you are still pretty good. Y
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 39 19
Espeon TF
Damon was battling wild pokemon in the ilex forest. He needed to train his pokemon so he could take on Whitney. His quilava was making quick work of all the Paras and Oddish he encountered. "Good job Quilava, now return." He commanded, a red light flashing as quilava went back to his Poke ball. Damon had a good feeling that hours of training has prepared him enough to finally beat Whitney and her Milktank. He had lost two times already, so the third time had to be the charm.
But before he could excite ilex forest, he heard a rustling coming from a nearby bush. Through the bushes he saw a pink creature, definitely a huge contrast to all the bug and grass pokemon he had been running into. Upon closer inspection, the pokemon was an Espeon! Damon was amazed, never having seen an Espeon this close before, and definitely never in a forest of all places. Damon didn't want to scare it off, so he kneeled down and watched it as it ate from a berry bush.
"If I catch this Espeon, Whitney wouldn't
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 35 14
A new life begins - Pokemon TF
A new life begins – Pokemon TFs
Ash, Misty and Brock had done it all. Ash had conquered the Indigo Platue, Brock was a successful breeder and cook, and Misty had collected every water type in Kanto. They had achieved their dreams, but they remained close friends and still loved to camp together despite their travel as aspiring trainers long behind them.
"Hey Misty, Brock!" Ash greeted his friends, as he noticed them walking up the path. It was a warm summer day, and the three friends were meeting up to go camping in the woods. "Hey guys! It's been awhile, so I have a lot of stories to tell." Brock said. Misty smiled and hugged both Ash and Brock. "Omg hey guys, I caught a cute Golduck yesterday and I wanna show you it." The three friends were ectastic to catch up with what has been going on in their lives. It had been nearly a month since they last hanged out.
"Well before we get too far into the stories, let's go into the woods." Ash said. Brock and Misty nodded, following behind
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 50 9
Rescued - Glaceon TF
Rusty was hiking on a mountainous trail. It was Mt. Coronet, the tallest geographical wonder of the Sinnoh region. He wanted to travel to the top of Coronet's peak to confront the mythical Alpha pokemon, Arceus. "This might turn out to be the dumbest thing I've ever done. " he thought to himself. Mt. Coronet was a difficult climb, and the climate got colder and colder as he went up. Eventually a snow storm furiously whipped up, right as he got to the peak. "Oh crud! I need to find shelter." He desperately trudged through the howling snowy wind, and found refuge in a dim lit cave.
"I should try to start a fire. I'm freezing." He summoned out his infernape and order it to use flamethrower towards a bundle of sticks he had gathered. "Good job infernape, return." Infernape smiled and returned to its pokeball. The fire was burning strong, as Rusty huddled up close to it. "Ahhhh, this is what I needed." He looked out the entrance of the cave and saw the snow storm getting worse. "Looks like
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 31 20
The perfect mate - Leafeon TF
Rusty was traveling along Route 38 in Johto. "Ah, the Johto region. I love coming back here every once in awhile. And I bet all the new pokemon I caught from my travels in Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova will surely amaze the trainers here." he said to himself.
He reached for a pokeball on his belt and threw it up in the air, a red beam of light bursting outwards, revealing his most prized pokemon from Sinnoh - a leafeon. "Good afternoon, Leafy." Leafy sat on her hind quarters and smiled as Rusty petted her.
"I think we should set up came here. It's 5pm, and I'm hungry." Rusty said. He pitched his tent and grabbed a sandwich out of his backpack. He gave Leafy a bowl of pokemon food for her to chow on.
"Hey Leafy, what does that stuff taste like?" He asked. "Leafeon, leaf" she responded, holding up a small, round kibble for him to try. "For me? Thanks." He took the small piece of food and popped it in his mouth. He almost gagged, but reluctantly swallowed it. "Ugoogh...yeah, that is NOT delici
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 83 37
Friends Forever - Umbreon TF
It was a quiet night for Blake. He was training in Johto and was strolling down Route 34 where the Daycare is.
"I think I will stop by the Daycare and say hello to the Daycare folks" Blake said to himself. But before he could even enter the door, a wild pokemon was yelping. It was in danger and Blake sprang into action.
He heard the moans coming from a patch of grass nearby. It sounded like an Eevee. And surely enough when he entered the grass he saw an Eevee curled up with bruises. It was being attacked by a wild Fearow!
"Go Flaaffy!" Blake sent out his electric pokemon and used Thundershock. The Fearow got toasted from the attack and flew away defeated. Blake went over to the Eevee and gave it a super potion to heal it's wounds. "Hey there buddy are you ok?"
"Vee, Eev eevee." It said with a smile, and it wagged it's tail. Eevee was thankful that Blake saved his life. "I think I'm going to keep you. If you were someone else's eevee you would probably know how to defend yourself. Don't
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 36 13
A shocking change - Jolteon TF
Ash was training his pokemon on a brisk spring morning. The sun was starting to rise. He made sure to wake up early so he had plenty of time to workout with his partners.
"Alright Torkoal, use Smokescreen!" Ash commanded, his Torkoal responding with an eccentric "TOR!", letting loose a haze of smoke.
"Good, now Pikachu, use Thunderbolt towards the Smoke!" He said. "Pika Pi!" Pikachu responded, unleashing a stream of electricity. The electricity seemed to spark and dance inside the smokescreen, becoming trapped. It was a perfect battle weapon - a blinding smoke with an electrical charge. It had the potential to do serious damage.
"Wow, this new attack combination can be really good. Alright guys, let's take a break. I think Brock and Misty should wake up soon, and they can fix breakfast for us." Ash said. But before he could turn around to head back to the camping site him and his friends were staying at, a familiar voice caught his attention.
"Well, well well. If it isn't Ashy boy." Th
:iconbatistafan2003:BatistaFan2003 39 35


Mermaid lovers tf.
(Disclaimer: this story contains slight mermaid tf and same sex relationships.)
My life changed forever when I was fourteen.
A new year had begun and I was coping with fresh heartache. His name was Josh. He was tall with blond curls and happened to be in my class. We never dated. Actually, the only interactions I had with him were between classes, with most of my words being “Hi”. I always liked it when he acknowledged me and we'd exchange some small talk, but otherwise he was busy with friends or football or whatever else he did. My friends quickly caught on about my crush and offered me advice, but I was afraid to rush things.
Then, as the school year was ending, I was getting some vegetables at the grocers. At the checkout I overheard some girls from my school discussing Josh. I leant an ear to the conversation, only for one girl to slip out “I heard he's going out with Becky!”. The revelation was like a stake had been plunged into my sternum. I sauntered hom
:iconapsm:apsm 17 7
The Mermaids Egg tg (Part 1)
Water was rushing into his lungs, choking him from the inside out. He tried to breathe but there was only the taste of salt water forcing its way down his gullet. He squirmed, his small, scrawny arms flailing as he tried to keep above the surface.
Peeking over the water, he could see the thin white strip of sand on the horizon ahead, but the people were so far away that they appeared to be the size of ants. Soon, his muscles grew tired and he struggled to stay afloat. Then, the ocean consumed him, dragging him to the darkness below. He could even feel a pair of hands pulling him by the waist...
“AH!” Ian woke with a start. For a second he thought he was still drowning, consciously taking deep gulps of air before he realised he was on dry land. He wasn't even outdoors, but rather, safe in his room.
“Damn.” He rubbed his temples and got out of bed. His joints creaked as he made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself. On the way, he looked outside his apartme
:iconapsm:apsm 55 3
Burning Goop :iconnearu-senpai:Nearu-Senpai 95 10 Mystery Box page 8 :icondsaprox:DSAPROX 235 21 Mystery Box page 7 :icondsaprox:DSAPROX 205 20 Zoroark TF Page 2 :iconnearu-senpai:Nearu-Senpai 134 16
Best of Friends
Latios and Latias tf
By Trevor48
Sue and Sam have always been the best of friends since they meet. They both decided to walk around the mall one day and came across a store called Animal Bazaar and decided to check it out. “Sam let’s check this place out.” Sam looked at the store and turned to Sue “sure Sue why not.” They went in and saw all these animal related things and looked around until they came upon the Pokémon section and found a friendship necklace with two Pokémon that looked a like they were Latios and Latias.
They decided to buy the necklace to show their friendship. After they bought it and left the store they went and walked around the mall some more. The later went to Sam’s house and each took the Pokémon charm that best fits them. Sam took the Latios half and Sue took the Latias half and they put them on. “It was great hanging out today Sam I got to get going see you next time we decide to hang out again.”
Sue started cha
:icontrevor48:Trevor48 17 3
Hypnotic Waves Under the Sea :iconeaglet1:Eaglet1 141 7 Imitating Mythology :icondsarvess:Dsarvess 44 19 Latias Cult :icondsarvess:Dsarvess 95 44 Faulty Experiment :icondsarvess:Dsarvess 32 17 The Pokemorph Stories (Page 39) - Fashion Sense :iconryusuta:Ryusuta 48 90 Zoroark TF :iconsupersmashmelee:supersmashmelee 33 15 Hypnosis...Isn' :iconpunisher2006:Punisher2006 81 252 Renamon Reprogramming :icondsarvess:Dsarvess 64 42



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